Town Road Right Of Way Notice


August 26, 2021

Following recent storms that have caused trees falling onto The Town of
King Road Ways and The Town of King Right of Way, this
correspondence is to clear up any confusion as to who is responsible for
the cleanup of the fallen trees.

The Town of King along with all other Towns or Villages follow the
Wisconsin State Statutes 86.03

“Trees on and adjacent to highway-
Removal of fallen trees. If any tree falls from adjacent land into any
highway, the owner or occupant of the land shall immediately remove
the tree from the highway. It shall be the duty of every highway
patrolman, street commissioner, or other officer in charge of the
maintenance of streets or highway to remove from any highway any
fallen tree or trees therein.”

This State Statutes Directs Town officials to open roads for traffic.
It also states that the cleanup is the responsibility of whoever owns the
tree, (ie) where the tree roots were growing.
Also, If the trees that were in the Road Way are placed onto the Right of
Way or if the tree crosses the roadway onto another property, that same
owner of that tree is responsible for that cleanup.

I do hope that this will clear up any confusion or misunderstandings.
If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Andrew Tomaszewski
Supervisor for the Town of King