Recycle Right means “Clean” Recycling

Where Can I Recycle?

Town Hall
4450 County Rd A
Tomahawk, WI

2nd and last Saturdays

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

No early drop-offs: Recycling materials can only be dropped off during recycling hours.

Beginning April 11,2020:   Please remain in your vehicle, our recycling staff will unload your recyclables from your vehicle.

What Can i Recycle?

While recycling is the first step in the process, it’s important to put materials in the bin that actually belong there. Most importantly, we need your help to reduce the contamination of clean recycling materials by separating those with organic material on them. Know before you throw! Always check your local municipality for your individual recycling guidelines. Please visit Eagle Waste Recycling
EAGLE WASTE & RECYCLING allows co-mingling, you can put Paper, Plastic, Glass and Metals all in one container.  All items must be rinsed clean and labels removed. 
SHREDDED PAPER:  Only accepted if placed in a clear plastic bag.